Facial Moisturiser Lift 100ml

After shave balm and moisturiser combined. Now you can have a great facial after every shave. Not only a non-greasy moisturiser but has mint and menthol to cool, refresh and help relieve redness. Skin is left talcum powder soft. Shaving removes up to two layers of skin (great exfoliation!) – just one of the reasons why it is so important to use a high quality moisturiser after shaving. Also great for use on the face after a bath, shower or face wash, when looking to overcome that just woken up feeling or you need a wake-up call for the evening ahead!


Ideal for use after shaving and / or washing – rinse and pat dry with clean towel. Pump 1 to 1.5 shots between palms and apply to face and neck area. Cleanse with men-ü Healthy Facial Wash and apply Matt ‘Skin Refresh’ Gel before moisturiser, if required.